We operate to the very highest ethical standards and therefore confidentiality is a cornerstone of our services, all discussions in support, counselling and psychotherapy are confidential. There are some ethical and legal exceptions to this, and these will be explained to you at your initial consultation. Alternatively, there is a brief explanation of these in our counselling contract which is available for your viewing on request.


We are fully registered members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), a professional body that guides our practice and professional codes of conduct.


All client records are protected by the Data Protection Act, 1998. This means  that no information is shared with a third party. Exceptions to this policy may only occur where it is necessary to ensure the safety of clients or others.


Clients will not be contacted on any telephone numbers or at any address if you explicitly ask us not to do so.


We take confidentiality very seriously and are committed to adhering to the published code of professional ethics. If you wish to learn more about the BACP and their ethical framework which we work within, please click on the arrow below.

Office Hours


Monday - Friday: 9am until 9pm

Saturday -Sunday: 10am until 6pm




"Receiving counselling has helped me gain self confidence, become more assertive and to be able to be honest about my feelings."



"It's such a calm place to come and talk".