Occupational Pathways

Whether your team member requires a brief intervention or more ongoing support within the workplace, our occupational service can help them remain in their roles by assessing their needs either on site or via our outreach and video calling service.

Our occupational service can provide job retention specialists and occupational therapists to support key staff to remain and or return to the workplace following periods of absenteeism or high levels of stress in a structured and goal oriented way. We are proactive and passionate about supporting high value members of staff to return to their original levels of ability and achievement, with greater resilience to the challenges of their roles.


 Occupational Therapy


This aspect of our service is a vital resource in that occupational therapists are qualified to deal with psychological and physical difficulties. They work on a more practical level, assessing the consequences of illness, working with the employer in relation to the needs of staff members in terms of how best to support employees either to remain in employment or return back to the workplace. As part of this service, our OTs will carry out a detailed assessment of the needs of the workplace and the abilities of the individual in question to carry out their role. Where appropriate, our OTs will provide an action plan that will be agreed by the organisational client and employee and will subsequently oversee its implementation. A risk assessment may also be carried out to review the risks where an individual may not be 100% fit for work. Our OTs may also establish a return to work plan which may involve modifications to the working environment and the job role such as flexible working or a graded return to work plan.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution


We understand that sometimes people can come in to conflict within the work place. GreenStone provides mediation for those who may have encountered difficulties in their working relationship. This aspect of the service offers an opportunity for staff to communicate their feelings and issues to each other in a non-biased and non-judgemental way in a constructive manner that ensures all parties feel valued, heard and understood.

Office hours


Monday - Friday: 9am until 9pm

Saturday -Sunday: 10am until 6pm




"I found the support helpful especially if I was feeling anxious or stressed because I was given the time to calm down without being judged."




"I had a very good relationship with my OT as she always made me feel comfortable and supported."​

Worplace Support


Easy access to support means employees can seek help when needed without feeling at risk of demotion, lack of career progression and judgment, common in our target market. By accessing this service, employees have immediate access to confidential support. Via our support systems they can receive the time they need to discuss and obtain the intervention best suited to them.


Outreach Support


Team members can often feel that obtaining support is not the best way forward and we understand that not receiving assistance can often lead to absenteeism and at worst hospitalisation. In this case, we provide an outreach service that is conducted within the home or community setting that will work with the employer and employee. By making an impartial assessment and delivering aour support we can build the foundations and plot a pathway for the team member to return to the work place in a way that is both advantageous and agreed by all involved.

We take pride in being able to adapt to your individual needs whilst ensuring that you feel valued, supported and safe throughout the therapeutic process.