Therapeutic Pathways

At times when you are feeling in need of support and guidance we offer you a personalised route back to you at your best, a pathway back to full health. Our senior team are trained and experienced in providing a variety of ways to listen and then help work through what is troubling you. We use some or all of the following approaches, specifically tailored to your needs:


 Person-Centred Therapy


Person-centred therapy also known as humanist counselling, forms the basis of most talking therapies and offers conditions of empathy, acceptance and honesty. This style of counselling underpins the nature of our work and can lead to deep discoveries about your feelings, needs, hopes, and things that you may not necessarily be aware of. It aims to help you gain a greater understanding of yourself in a way that encourages personal growth and change.


CBT focuses specifically on the problems and difficulties you are experiencing currently rather than issues from the past. It is a goal focused and structured form of therapy which aims to show you ways of changing any negative thoughts you may have about yourself and the situations you are finding difficult to deal with.


Psychotherapy is another form of talking therapy that offers an opportunity for you to share what is worrying you in a safe and supportive environment. It aims to help you understand how the past influences current problems, feelings and behaviours which you may be finding difficult. This is a more in-depth and longer-term therapeutic approach that aims to help you make sense of the issues you are facing as well as supporting you to develop more effective ways of living your life and gaining a greater sense of wellbeing.

Office hours


Monday - Friday: 9am until 9pm

Saturday -Sunday: 10am until 6pm




"I found counselling helpful especially if I was feeling anxious or stressed because I was given the time to calm down without being judged."




"I had a very good relationship with my counsellor as she always made me feel comfortable and supported."​


 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

"Coming to counselling makes my head feel clean and lighter".






Integrative therapy uses a blend of the different approaches mentioned above. Most counsellors work in this way and ensures that your needs for therapy are met and also, that you can achieve the goals you set yourself.

We take pride in being able to adapt to your individual needs whilst ensuring that you feel valued, supported and safe throughout the therapeutic process.